ULTRASONIC deepcleansing and moisturizing facial treatment AQUA VITAL ~ 1 h 50.00 €
EXCLUSIVE ULTRASONIC treatment with massage for face, neck and décolleté ~ 1 h 15 min 65.00 €
Aqua Vital Hydra Detox Deeply moisturizing, cleansing and rejuvenating facial care with ultrasound. Intensive moisturising, deep cleansing and rejuvenating treatment with ultrasound for all skin types. Ultrasonic treatment restores, cleans improves skin condition and reduces the signs of aging perfectly. Ultrasonic therapy does not hurt or irritate the skin. It’s suitable for all ages and all skin types – even for very sensitive and thin skin or for skin with enlarged capillaries. In addition to the effects of deep-cleansing, treatment with ultrasound accelerates the production of new skin cells, stimulates blood and lymph circulation and accelerates the removal of toxins and improves the delivery of oxygen to the skin. This results with skin regeneration; skin becomes smoother, more elastic and the complexion improves also. Due to ultrasound the active ingredients absorb deeper into the skin improving the skin’s moisture content and levelling out wrinkles. Leading edge active ingredient 3D Hydra APS consists of polarised water which provides a 3-phase active moisturising of skin cells. Celldetox® accelerates the depletion of accumulated toxins. The complex of active ingredients ensures the skin with lush moistening. Relaxing with the mask on, you can enjoy décolletage massage. After that the skin will be pampered with active serum and 24h-cream.
Ultrasound facial Pros:
Great deep cleansing effect for the skin
Suitable for aging, stressed, sensitive or couperose skin
Suitable for pain sensitive customer
Very suitable treatment for men
Reduces spots and skin imperfections
Suitable for oily or acne inclined skin as the ultrasonic treatment has inflammatory and anti-bacterial effect
After the treatment the skin is not red or blotchy
The effect of creams and masks used at home improves
Ultrasound facial contraindications:
Epilepsy, cardiac arrhythmias, pacemaker, cancer, skin infections (allergies), papular acne, large moles, metal prostheses on upper body (braces), pregnancy, acute illness.