Classic Alessandro nail treatment ~ 1 h 24.00 €
Beautiful, neat and healthy fingernails attract the eye and add self-confidence. Alessandro classic nail treatment includes all important nail treatment elements and, besides, gives you a feeling of well-being. The treatment consists of four stages: cleaning, shaping, trimming, and nutrition. To finish the treatment, you can choose a suitable nail polish from among 99 luxurious decorative nail polishes.
Luxurious SPA manicure ~ 1 hour 30.00 €
The SPA manicure begins with a relaxing hand bath, followed by the cleaning, shaping and nourishing of your nails. Then, the skin of your hand is nourished and moisturised by means of a luxurious mask. The efficacy of the active ingredients is reinforced by a relaxing massage. A rejuvenating and moisturising serum is applied onto your hands. To conclude the treatment, you have decorative polishes, if you wish.
Classical manicure, including a paraffin treatment ~ 1 hour 30 minutes 35.00 €
Cold paraffin therapy is an ideal restorative and nourishing treatment for dry or sensitive skin. It is an excellent way for the deep moisturising of your skin. This treatment makes any skin on your hands, elbows or feet that is dry, rough or callused soft and supple, evening the skin tone. Due to the effect of the paraffin wrap, a deep-moisturising mini-sauna effect is created. You can see the result immediately. First, your skin is peeled, then a paraffin mask is applied. This is followed by wrapping in plastic, covered with a terry-cloth mitt or bootee for the best result. Exposure time up to 15 minutes. By way of conclusion, an appropriate cold cream. Ideal for customers who do not tolerate hot procedures or if hot procedures are contraindicated. Suited in the case of extremely dry, flaky skin or of psoriasis. The paraffin treatment is followed by a classical nail treatment. To conclude the treatment, you have the option of choosing a polish to your liking from among 99 luxurious decorative polishes.
Luxurious wellness nail treatment ~ 1 h 30 min 45.00 €
Luxury wellness hand treatment starts with a relaxing bath for hands followed by the cleansing, modelling and nourishing of nails. After that hands will be pealed, nourished and moisturised with a luxurious hand mask. Relaxing massage will insert the potent active ingredients into the skin. Rejuvenating and moisturising serum will also be used. After the treatment you can choose a nail polish from the selection of 99 various luxurious decorative lacquers.
Wellness treatment leaves your hands soft and supple. It helps to smooth out the signs of time – lines and wrinkles, skin tone improves and the skin is smoother. Gentle and cleansing peeling, active creams, firming and nourishing mask and massage create a royal sensation.
SPA SENSATION – paraffin treatment for hands ~ 30 min 29.00 €
Enjoy a truly unique and perfect treatment, which is relaxing and reproductive and ensures incitement for the following day. Spa Sensation is an à la Carte paraffin treatment. Paraffin gloves or socks are heated especially for you. A unique heating device is used operating without power. An amazing warmup ritual takes place in front of your eyes. All treatment means are especially for you. The skin is refreshed by an additional nourishing andsmoothing peeler, invigorating serum and a luxurious cream corresponding to the state of your skin. Lavender aroma and nice calming warmth ease muscle tension and ensure an immediate goodfeeling. Effective warm treatment with pure paraffin on your hands gives the skin valuable moisture and makes it clearly soft and elastic.
Reproductive and deep moistening cold paraffin therapy ~ 30 min 15.00 €
Cold paraffin therapy is an ideal reproductive and nourishing treatment for dry and sensitive skin. An excellent opportunity for deep moistening of the skin. The treatment makes the dry, rough thickened skin on hands, elbows and feet soft, elastic and smoothes the skin tone. Paraffin wrap causes a deep moistening mini sauna effect. The result is immediate. First, the skin is peeled and then a paraffin mask is applied to the skin. Next comes a plastic wrap and, for the best result, a terry glove or slipper is put on top. The expose time of up to 15 minutes. Last but not least, a corresponding care cream is applied. Perfect for clients who do not stand heat procedures or in case heat procedures are contraindicated. Suits for extremely dry, scaly skin and in case of psoriasis.
MEN HAND CARE – hand treatment especially for men ~ 45 min 18.00 €
The hands of a true man are well groomed. The hand treatment of men must be efficient and fast – just like Alessandro’s hand treatment MEN created especially for men. MEN products use efficient stimulating and protective active substances such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins A and E. The treatment efficiently helps protect the skin from environmental impacts and premature ageing. Active substances make the skin soft, elastic and relax the stressed skin. The treatment created especially for men consisting of 6 stages gives a perfect result – healthy, clean and youthfully soft skin and a well maintained nails. You would enjoy a precise nail treatment, peeling, invigorating effect of the creams, effect massage. The products used have a manly aroma.
Nail treatment for girls (children up to 12 years) ~ 35 min 15.00 €
Caressing nail and hand treatment for little girls. At the same time, educating and interesting. A nice experience teaching to take care of yourself. If mother or father allows, the nails will be polished. Recommended for the age 5 – 12.
Quick manicure ~ 30 minutes 13.00 €

Alessandro Lac Sensation hand treatments

Lac Sensation permanent manicure with gel nail polish ~ 1 h 30.00 €
Lac Sensation gel nail polish manicure in French style ~ 1 h 33.00 €
Are you dreaming of a nail polish that lasts beautiful for 2-3 weeks and dries in seconds? That does not wear off, crumble and is always brilliant? That functions as a nail strengthener? Your dream has come true.
Lac Sensation permanent manicure treatment ~ 1 h 15 min 34.00 €
Lac Sensation French style gel nail polish permanent manicure treatment ~ 1 h 15 min 36.00 €
Gel nail polish removal + classic nail treatment ~ 1 h 15 min 34.00 €
Nail treatment uses unique natural nail strengthening gel nail polishes that dry in seconds and a UV-device. Lac Sensation permanent manicure applies a base coat on the nails. Then a decorative nail polish with the chosen tone and, to finish, a protective gel polish. You could also choose Lac Sensation permanent manicure in French style.
Lac Sensation – your permanently beautiful manicure!