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This treatment, which restores the shine of the skin and corrects the first signs of ageing, ensures the comprehensive multi-correction of your facial skin.
The first anti-ageing cosmetic salon treatment, which hinders glycation, i.e. the degradation of collagen and elastin fibres. The treatment ensures the extraordinary youthfulness, shine, strength and moisture of the skin.
Glycation is an irreversible process, which can be prevented! The glycation of skin damages the collagen fibres, thereby reducing their elasticity, as a result of which the tissues sag and wrinkles emerge that change the structure of the skin.
The treatment includes two main anti-ageing active substances:
vitamin C, which increases the synthesis of collagen, protects the DNA of the cell, regulates the tone of the facial skin, and hinders the oxidation of lipids, as well as Ume extract (the Japanese Ume plums) that has the ability to stop glycation. Ume includes twice as much proteins, minerals and fats than other fruits. The skin restores its elasticity, density and shiny complexion. To make the result permanent, we recommend to undergo a 4-week-long therapy regimen.
The treatment fits all skin types, and it is especially recommended for lifeless, dull, dehydrated and sagging skin as a year-round treatment.
The treatment commences with the preparation and pealing of the facial skin, after which the cosmetician applies to the skin a genuine rich vitamin C cocktail, followed by a massage using an aromatic nectar that includes vitamin C and Ume extract. The fabric mask that has been soaked in the previously mentioned active substances ensures better absorption and a modelling effect. At the end, a vitamin C emulsion is applied to the skin. Your facial skin shall thank you!
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